13 colour Marble cake

Baking has never been simpler…more and more people are starting to bake at home because it’s fun,you know what you are eating and it’s great when you have like minded friends who share your interests !
Recently,I was quite dumbfounded while talking to a local baker…I was given the simple task of ordering with him a marble cake for a kid’s party…a day later I discovered that he had no idea what that was…I sent him this pic and he almost backed out…I had to re assure him that all we wanted was a simple two tone vanilla and chocolate marble cake ,explained the process and he reluctantly agreed and thankfully did a good job in the end…but for days I wondered how a successful bakery had no idea what a simple marble cake was…a month later when I had to speak to him for a huge order of red velvet cake,I discovered what it was all about…he proceeded to advise me about the nuances of modern baking and how no one makes a cake from scratch anymore and told me how he got these ‘imported’ pre-mixes…vanilla cake mix,red velvet cake mix,chocolate cake mix, etc etc...well no wonder !!!… no one thought to send him a marble cake mix...!!!! I was absolutely horrified…I do hope that he is the one exception and that others do make cakes the ‘old fashioned’ way !!! Boy ,was I glad to be baking at home and not relying on commercially baked cakes !

13 coloured cake

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To make a marble cake

Not only are marble cakes ,easy to make,they are a joy to behold and they feel a bit more special…to a basic vanilla cake batter…you just need to divide it in half and add a Tbsp of cocoa to one half…dollop it in a pan alternatively with the vanilla batter…once all the batter has been put in the cake pan,using a bamboo skewer,just swirl it around to get a marbled effect !

For a multi colour cake…take out as many bowls as you have colours and add a bit of batter in each bowl,mix in the colour and dollop side by side in the cake pan…once done,swirl them all with a skewer…so much fun…sometimes I’m having so much fun that I tend to go overboard with the swirling…LOL..it’s so much easier than a rainbow cake where each layer needs to be baked separately…but looks beautiful,in a different way !

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