Archive | July, 2016

Bali food Safari – Jimbaran

Hindu metro plus , Bali Food Safari When an organization claims that it offers the number one food experience in Bali through it’s mystery dining tours,it immediately piques your interest.The Bali food safari which I stumbled upon by accident is a culinary tour for the palates put together by Australians Simon and Gael after they […]

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The Shandy at Sulur

Hindu metro plus , To market ,to market… The damp soil , the persistant drizzle and the less intense rays makes it ideal for farmers to grow crops that thrive in well hydrated soil. Determined to follow in their footsteps , I went scouting for organic sprouted small onions for sowing. My search led me […]

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Quad ride in the rice fields of Bali-Ubud

Hindu metro plus ,ATV ride in Bali     If you ask me if I’m an adventurous person,the answer would be ,“yes but with the safety latch always firmly in place” .A new experience minus a high risk factor is what I’m game for. When I first came across an ATV ride through the rice […]

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