Archive | August, 2016

Sundakkai / thai eggplant /turkey berry

Hindu metro plus , sundakkai a k a turkey berry Thai food features on our menu at least a couple of times a month,especially when the weather turns cool. The combination of the fiery thai chilli paste and sweet ,creamy coconut milk is one that is irresistible. Over the years I’ve managed to grow the […]

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Betel leaves

Hindu metro plus , betel wrap   My earliest memory of betel leaves go something like this ; After a family function the grandies of the family would have the traditional silver platter brought out. These would contain lots of freshly washed betel leaves neatly arranged to form an overlapping circle , a square cup […]

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Hindu metro plus , Farm foraged food   A few years ago I read about the food philosophy that chef Rene Redzepi had adopted at his restaurant Noma. Not only did he succeed in securing top accolades for his food worldwide but also managed to highlight the beauty of using seasonal produce that grew in […]

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