Archive | September, 2016

Banana flower (Vazhaipoo)

Hindu metro plus , Vazhaipoo   In the past I’ve been known to wax eloquently about many aspects of the banana tree. From the banana leaf ,the green banana to the ripened fruit they are all terrific contributors to wellness in their own unique way. A few days ago,a post on instagram caught my attention. […]

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Boiled Groundnuts

Hindu metro plus , Snack on boiled groundnuts   In the past month my 4 p.m tea time slot has been all about a favourite childhood snack ; boiled groundnuts. My local organic vendor has had this ingredient on their list week after week. For some reason I never refer to it as a peanut […]

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The Sugar Pop store experience

Hindu metro plus , Sugar pop store     Have you been to the Sugar pop candy store here in Coimbatore ? I stumbled upon it purely by accident at the Le Meridien hotel and fell head over heels instantly. The pop art is what catches your eye immediately and has you feeling like a […]

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