Archive | November, 2016

Green papaya

Hindu metro plus ,How green is your papaya ?   A guest from Europe was quite fascinated at the sight of the papaya tree growing in my garden.It wasn’t just the fact that it was a tropical tree but also because the fruit when available was rather expensive in his part of the world.That set […]

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Badam kheer – for special times

Hindu metro plus , Badam kheer   Wedding festivities are in the air at the moment.If there is one drink that comes to mind especially during such celebrations it is the badam kheer. Now the actual process of making this special drink is not to be taken lightly. It always involves the expert guidance of […]

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Micro greens -home grown

Hindu metro plus , Micro greens   Let’s talk micro greens shall we. They’re a recent addition to my kitchen garden. Before you groan and go , “not another new health fad” ,please read this through. The first time I was exposed to micro greens was when I was served a beautiful plate of a […]

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