Archive | December, 2016

Holiday food musings

Hindu metro plus ,The bread spread   The holiday season is often filled with family get-togethers and fun conversations.In my family as I suspect is the same with many others , very often the talks involve serious discussions relating to food ,at all levels. Over one such meet up recently we got chatting about what […]

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Balaaji Bakery

Hindu metro plus ,Old fashioned treats   It’s no fun being under the weather, particularly during this time of year. Especially when you’d rather be elbow deep in the kitchen surrounded by flour , spices , candied peels and all the other delicious things that bring so much seasonal cheer. Just because the baking didn’t […]

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Copra (Dried coconut and it’s uses)

Hindu metro plus ,A cut and dried treat   A new ingredient has been a source of much delight for me over the past few days. By new I don’t mean to say it’s a discovery of sorts or anything to that effect , on the contrary it’s something that’s always been a part of […]

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