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Comb honey

The Hindu Metroplus , Straight from the hive   A few years ago honey wasn’t among my list of favourite ingredients. It was something that I turned to when having to remedy a sore throat or some other respiratory tract allergy. My equation with this liquid gold didn’t really change until I was introduced to […]

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The Hindu Metroplus , The power of Purslane   A few years ago , I was introduced to the grow bag system of raising plants.This was encouraged by many a kitchen garden expert as the best means to use minimal water and save space. Our grow bags contain those plants that I feel thrive happily […]

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Watermelon rind

The Hindu Metroplus , By the skin of the fruit Have you tried making a tarbooz ke chilke ki sabzi ? In other words, a side dish made from watermelon rind.It’s popularly eaten in the arid regions of Rajasthan but it isn’t something that one is familiar with in the Southern States. For the past […]

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