Archive | April, 2018

Chettinad’s food scenes

The Hindu Metroplus Coimbatore , The spice conundrum On a recent visit to Chettinad, several food facts came to light: the food doesn’t have to be loaded with spice; vegetarian options are just as delicious; most homes and establishments still retain traditional cooking techniques; and pressure cookers don’t rule the kitchen!   The uppu kari […]

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Farmers’ Market in Coimbatore

The Hindu Metroplus Coimbatore , The sustainable sandhai     An image of a lone farmer supporting a massive plough was part of a Whatsapp forward that caught my immediate attention.People from all walks of life are striving to make the farm to table connect with deep emphasis placed on sustainable and natural methods of […]

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Vepampoo season, vadagams and lots more

Simplicity Coimbatore , Vepampoo season     Living in the South of India, we can’t really boast of having a range of seasons. However, if you watch the environment carefully,it does change.The difference is sometimes subtle while other times quite vivid.Take for instance the change in the landscape since early February. The colours of spring […]

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