Play with your food

While we all at one time or the other have told the kids to eat quickly and to stop playing with their food…
As children we have always at some point  been very imaginative and with food too,whether it was putting bits of puffed rice (pori) in the corners of the mouth and pretending to be Dracula or a devil or whether we made faces on sandwiches with ketchup or on Marie biscuit with chocolate sauce…food always has a fun element to it…I’m always delighted to see attempts made by parents to make simple food appear fun….the delight for both the creator and the person for whom it is created for
with such care and love !
witch's broomsticks

This platter of broomsticks was made for a Halloween party by a very creative mom and it made me wish that I had eaten one…a pretzel stick as the handle and a cheese slice wrapped around and snipped and a spring onion bit to go around…and each one so neatly done !!!! Adorable !

oreo mice
mice recipe

How adorable are these mice ?!!!!This pic and recipe were sent to be by a reader and friend from Canada…what i further love about this kind of food is that it involves no cooking whatsoever…how fun to introduce such ‘cooking’ to little ones…I’ve always been a big fan of Heston Blumenthal whose food is not really what it seems…more about him later…so ,the next time you have a bit of time on your hands ,do play with your food,no better reward than big smiles…on your face and those of others ;)))

Trinette's broccoli tree
cookies pretty

These cookies would absolutely delight a little child….made by Just bake …a bakery in Bangalore…they are said to be delicious apart from looking incredibly pretty….pretty pretty food !

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