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mochai rice with faded background (1)

Mochai Rice

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Most of us in Coimbatore have grown up eating this special green bean during the Pongal season or at the begining of the calendar year. It’s a taste that people ...

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The Hindu Metroplus , The power of Purslane   A few years ago , I was introduced to the grow bag system of raising plants.This was encouraged by many a kitchen garden expert as the best means to use minimal water and save space. Our grow bags contain those plants that I feel thrive happily […]

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Watermelon rind

The Hindu Metroplus , By the skin of the fruit Have you tried making a tarbooz ke chilke ki sabzi ? In other words, a side dish made from watermelon rind.It’s popularly eaten in the arid regions of Rajasthan but it isn’t something that one is familiar with in the Southern States. For the past […]

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Nungu (Ice apple)

The Hindu Metroplus , Seasonal refreshers It was just about a year ago when a few of us happened to have a chat with the nungu sellers who set up shop under the plush tree lined roads at Ambarampalayam. The start of summer is when the tree climbers are hard at work picking ripened fruit […]

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Psyllium seed husks

The Hindu Metroplus , An adventure with seed husks A small group of us ventured out early one morning to climb the steps leading to Odhimalai. Aside from the gorgeous view and fun company is also the memory of wolfing down slices of delicious adventure bread made by my friend Divya Chandran. It was the […]

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Cast iron cookware

The Hindu Metroplus , Iron clad benefits The irumbu vadachatti is a vintage kitchen accessory that has always existed and been passed on from one generation to the next, in South Indian kitchens. Over the years, somehow the health advantages took a back seat in this thought process of choosing cooking utensils. With the emergence […]

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Vegan Chocolate Tart

The Hindu Metroplus , Eat healthy and tasty People who have been a source of inspiration to me on my food journey have always encouraged me to follow a ‘fit for life plan’.That is ,to adopt a healthy eating practice without having to fall prey to any one particular diet routine. By and large that […]

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Heirloom tomato (Nattu Thakkali)

The Hindu Metroplus , Pucker up ,the nattu thakkali is here   One major battle that is constantly on going between me and my kitchen helpers is that of the hybrid tomato vs the country tomato.The so called ‘apple thakkali’ seems to have slowly but steadily usurped the place of the ‘nattu thakkali ‘ mainly […]

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Vegan Cookery Demo in Coimbatore

The Hindu Metroplus , Eat tasty and healthy   The headline on the Whatsapp image I received,said ‘Life beyond cheese’.It was about a vegan cookery demo held at Arttdinox (Race Course) organised by Bio Basics and On the Go restaurant. While an Indian vegan diet is easy to follow,it does get a bit challenging when […]

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Natural hair oil (home -made)

The Hindu Metroplus , Tress factor A school carnival  that we visited a few days before Diwali sported many stalls which sold a varied mix of items ranging from clothing ,food,herbal products etc. A stall that garnered a fair bit of interest was the one that contained bottles of hair oil ,made at home by […]

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Pongalo Pongal ! The harvest festival

Simplicity Coimbatore , Pongal celebrations A harvest festival is the time to celebrate that which the earth bestows upon us.It is of great significance in the South of India particularly because we are blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. Adding to that fact is that the people of Coimbatore largely stem from […]

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Coriander in your diet

Simplicity Coimbatore , Coriander not to be taken lightly   We are often advised to include a variety of greens in our daily diet.How many of us actually pay attention to the many herbs that are on our plates every day ?! Let’s take the coriander leaves for instance…they are used as a garnish , […]

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Pongal-The harvest festival

The Hindu Metroplus , Pongal feast   It’s interesting how Indian children of today are aware of the fact that Halloween is pumpkin pie time while thanksgiving and Christmas are all about roasts ,stuffing, mashed potatoes etc .How many of them actually pay heed to foods that are served up during a traditional pongal lunch […]

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Chettinad Diaries

The Hindu Metroplus , Chettinad Diaries   1.Weaver’s colony What was once a thriving colony of over 2000 weaver families has dwindled greatly and is now reduced to a mere handful who work at the hand operated looms.Chettinad cotton sarees are much loved for their vibrant colours and traditional patterns.The proprietors at both Senthil Kumar […]

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Sandhaghai dinners (idiappam variations)

The Hindu Metroplus , All steamed up   One of our all time favourite dinners growing up was undoubtedly the sandhagai. I’m not sure if my mother was aware of this but this simple dinner never ceased to fascinate me no matter how many times it was served during the course of my childhood.The reason […]

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