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Jam thumbprints with 2 coloured jams vignette

Jam thumbprints (whole grain cookies)

0 of 5 35 Minutes

This recipe was actually meant to be shared a week ago. Life as we all know does have it’s share of surprises that tend at times to elevate your mood ...

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konapoo chutney stamens edit

Konnapoo (Cassia fistula flower) chutney

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Hindu Metroplus ,Flower power The Cassia fistula tree stands tall just before the main entrance at my maternal home.It’s largely ignored throughout the year until the summer months when the ...

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Oats and millet flour cookies for tea 2

Oatmeal and millet flour cookies with dark chocolate and walnuts

0 of 5 45 Minutes

We all know that the banana tree is the epitome of generosity. Not only were we rewarded with a bounty of fruit from our tree but also from several others ...

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Turmeric fresh and mango ginger pickled

Pickled fresh turmeric with mango ginger (manjal and maa inji)

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Hi there ! So,this one I LOVE ! Ok (rolling eyes!) I love them all but this one is extra extra EXTRA special. Hence the different font and all ! ...

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moringa soup (2)

Chilled drumstick (moringa) soup

0 of 5 15 Minutes

This time of the year in the south of India is when the drumstick tree is heavy with produce. Owing to the fact that this tree grows easily without having ...

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Pumpkin and cinnamon cupcakes 4 (2)

Pumpkin and pecan mini muffins

0 of 5 25 Minutes 18 minis

In the past few years I’ve developed a huge affinity towards yellow pumpkin .I think it had to do with actually growing it in my home garden. Being witness to ...

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chocolat muffins for V day 2017 aerial (4)

Dark Chocolate Muffins ( Valentine’s special)

0 of 5 20 Minutes 48 mini muffins

Yes !!! Hello ! It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow people….of course I’m all hearts and hugs and mush and everything else , with a spring in my step to add to ...

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Open Kitchen pizzeria & deli

The quaint hill town of Coonoor has seen a few changes since the summers of my childhood.That’s why I was most excited to see the sign that said ‘Open Kitchen pizzeria & deli‘ set above the provision store at Bedford. Apart from a couple of mentions on my instagram feed about the pizzas I didn’t […]

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Karipala (Bread fruit)

Every summer of our childhood was spent climbing the thirteen hair pin bends that led to our quiet getaway in the Nilgiris. Among the sights that greeted me along the way were huge trees upon the trunks of which rested large numbers of jackfruit.The air too at those points was heavy with their sweet scent. […]

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Cafe’ Diem

Hindu metro plus , Radhika Shastry’s cafe’   When my brother-in-law Arun, heard that I was going to Coonoor he not only told me to check out Café Diem but followed his suggestion up a few days later with an insistent reminder for the same. One of the topics that we can talk tirelessly of […]

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Strawberry preserve -locally grown and home-made

Hindu metro plus , Strawberry fields forever A friend gifted me a bottle of strawberry jam for Diwali,about 2 years ago. She told me that the lady who made it grew her own strawberries and was particular about following a natural process sans preservatives. I couldn’t wait to try!  The jam turned out to have […]

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Ente Keralam – Coimbatore

Hindu metro plus , Syrian Christian food festival at Ente Keralam   For a person like me living in Tamil Nadu,the mention of Kerala evokes most often lush sceneries, relaxed beachfronts and back waters and most importantly the food. Living in the neighbouring state we aren’t really cut off from having access to the appams, […]

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Chocolate- Bean to bar

Hindu metro plus , Travels with chocolate The first time I knew of the word ‘cacao’ was when I was all of 10 years old with my head buried into a very interesting“ladybird” book which showed both in pictures and words,the journey travelled by the cacao bean from tree to being made into a chocolate […]

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Nut butters

Hindu metro plus , Utterly nutty butterly It’s a usual practice at our home when having people over to first ask about their dietary preferences.Trying out various diets is rather common in the grown up world but it came as a complete surprise to me when my kids talked of one of their friends who […]

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The French door

Hindu metro plus , The French Connection We decided on a lunch outing one day and as we drove down Bashyakarlu road,my mother pointed out to a building and said “oh look,what a beautiful house”.I smiled and told her that we had reached our destination.The restaurant in question was located behind a charming old French […]

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Ven pongal with millets

Hindu metro plus , Millet pongal We grew up eating the staple dosa (south indian rice pancake) ,chutney and sambhar (lentil side dish) breakfast.On special days there would be piping hot,crisp ullunthu vadais  (deep fried savoury donuts) waiting for us at the table (my brother’s favourite) .The one dish that was rarely made at home […]

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