Barnyard cuppycakes

Cooking for children and their friends is a different kind of pleasure altogether !!!! While I always say that all it takes is a little bit of planning ahead and sorting out ideas of what you want to cook,while keeping it healthy…and that usually works out great ! But…every once in awhile little things happen that amaze you and keeps you wanting to do better than what you think your best is ;)) !!!

animal cupcakes and more 003
animal cupcakes and more 006

That’s what happened with these little cuppycakes of mine…oh,don’t get me wrong ,I was definitely planning on “cute” but in a completely different way,was going to do a butter cream frosting and I have little black ,brown and white cow sprinkles to finish with…or so I thought !!!! It was the mini marshmallows that got me started and I amazed myself with what could be achieved and believe you me …I ain’t no artist…nope!!!!…that gene skipped me completely..LOL !
All you,need to do this is a couple of hours…well worth it…I think and a bit of imagination…I abhor fiddly work,so if I could do it,you most certainly can…what’s the worst that’s gonna happen?!!?…you can still eat the cupcake¬† ;D


animal cupcakes and more 004
animal cupcakes and more 005

This is a simple water icing…
For a 100gms of icing sugar add about 5ml of hot water…makes a fairly thick frosting…if you are using a liquid food colour instead of a gel,all you need to do is add a bit more icing sugar to make it thicker…it’s a very simple icing…to increase the quantity,just add the amount of icing sugar and water and adjust the two ingredients accordingly…you need to stir it in quick motions for it not to be lumpy !
And a small palette knife and toothpick is all you need to do the faces…if you don’t find mini marshmallows…cut the regular ones into 4 pieces with kitchen scissors,thoroughly washed and dried before cutting !

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