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The first time my mom sent me an edition of the BBC India Good Food magazine,I was hooked…. and have been an ardent reader ever since they launched in India in 2012. So many of their recipes are so versatile and at the same time the amount of information that they pack into a single issue is incredible ! I love the way they grade their recipes from easy to difficult…something for every reader to try ! The glossy pages,for me are as good as some of the best cookbooks that I’ve ever read !


One day as I was thumbing through their cookbook,I realised that they are very encouraging of food bloggers,though my blog is in it’s very baby stage I still decided to mail them ,to take a look at PINK LEMON TREE….that was some months ago and I had even forgotten about it ! I will always remember the day that I did get a mail from the team at BBC Good Food India…saying that they had shortlisted me and if I was interested in contributing to their food nation column !?!….That was quite exciting,I knew what exactly they were looking for,having been a regular reader and boy did I enjoy doing that small write-up…it was fun !

Now ,that the issue has hit the stands,it’s nice to hear from Mr.Sathish at Shree Aanandhaas,a regular reader himself,how completely surprised and thrilled he feels to have his restaurant featured in this particular magazine…a well deserved honour,as the food at his place is so delicious, varied ,clean and the whole dining experience is surrounded by an air of respect and maintains impeccable standards of hygiene !

I’m proud to be an Indian and it was so satisfying to have Coimbatore mentioned in my favourite food magazine,I hope you all will pick up a copy and like me will soon be addicted to the glossy pictures and recipes that make it such an enjoyable read  for foodies like you and me ! It is all your comments and likes and messages that encouraged me to write,so a big hug and thank you !!!

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