Bumble bee cupcakes

These cupcakes were an absolute joy to make,which is probably why they turned out looking the way they did !!!! It’s just a basic vanilla sponge cake batter…and the frosting is a simple hot water and icing sugar frosting,for a 100g icing sugar ,you need a Tbsp of hot water,just stir it in ,if it’s too thick ,add water a teeny bit at a time,too runny,add icing sugar,no fail ! Add the yellow food colouring for three fourth of the mix and black food colouring for the remaining quarter…using a small palette knife and with a big smile ,apply the yellow icing on each cupcake and let dry…using a toothpick dipped in the black icing,draw lines and eyes to depict the little buzzing bug…mouth and expressions are other options too,have fun with it…it takes an hour for 80 cupcakes…that’s not too bad :))

bumblebee cupcakes

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