Cafe’ V again

The first time i mentioned cafe’ V…was just after I had sampled their bread…now after paying them a visit along with celebrity chef Karen Anand,I was delighted to meet two people who are very passionate about their work.Once you have that then,of course you will give your best and appreciation will be at your doorstep. The location maybe quiet and unassuming but once you go in,you know that it is far from your average bakery…clean,well lit and open ,it is very appealing to all the senses..Here at V’s ingredients are treated with respect and it shows.



The warm smiles of welcome make you feel at ease and they are very humble when it comes to talking about their products and seemed very open to new ideas. In my opinion,that is the perfect recipe for success for any entrepreneur…particularly one who has a career in food…one learns something new everyday just by listening and observing.



I also discovered that a baked yoghurt is far from being just that,sadly it is an extremely decadent dessert with lots of condensed milk and Karen noted that in all the bakers that she has visited , Vishak’s bakery is the only one to have mentioned that…no secrecy here !!!
So do stop by Cafe’ V and maybe meet the friendly owner Vishak and his chef Mani…I’m sure you will enjoy the experience !
Contact them at :4322206 or 72000-20570



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  1. Sujoy Gharami September 1, 2018 at 10:35 am #

    Wow!! Your 1st Articles !!

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