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Ravuthar recipes- Cookbook by Hazeena Seyad

The Hindu Metroplus , Ravuthar recipes – Hazeena Seyad   Picture courtesy :Rock Paper Scissors Studio A dish that is a huge favourite at home is undoubtedly the Kari Katti Kola urandai. To see it featured on the cover of a cookbook against a striking turquoise blue background, titled “Ravuthar Recipes” caught my attention instantly. […]

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Food Prints

Most foodies love cookbooks,present company included. As a little girl, I always used to stare wide eyed at the long wide shelf of books next to my mother’s bed side. Despite seeing it everyday,it continued to amaze me. Mom would always read it like she would read her other novels. I say ‘other novels’ because […]

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Pure Vegetarian

When I was gifted this book by my mom a few months ago, what struck me immediately was ,that not just the recipes but for other trivia too,this book has such a wealth of information. As I happen to be one of those people who like to read cookbooks as much as fiction,this book soon […]

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