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Orange peel

When people talk of citrus fruits…Vitamin C quickly slips into the conversation…drinking OJ world over,is very common and most all breakfast buffets will serve a pitcher of this refreshing orange drink…it’s one of those foods that signify health instantaneously…the sweet sometimes tart taste of the fruit finds it’s way into many many dishes both sweet […]

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Bento Box

The Japanese are famous for their artistic flourishes whether in food,their living spaces,their attire,their tea ceremonies and the way they present their wares. It’s a culture where respect and reverence is steeped in every action,the guest is indeed treated on par with the divine.  They shower so much attention on their guests from the moment […]

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Ezhantha vadai

It wasn’t until much later in life,as an adult,that I knew the English name for the ezhantha palam.The Indian jujube as it is also known is a huge favourite in rural India. For me the ezhantha palam will always remind me of the ezhantha vadai,that was and still has my brother and cousins drooling. This […]

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