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Drumstick / Moringa

In our fast changing world where everything needs to be achieved yesterday and all possible shortcuts are welcomed and used for daily living…so too is the quest for healthy anti ageing miracle foods which boost our immunity and give us the satisfaction of doing good for our body which we may otherwise ignore while multi […]

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An Apple is one of the first fruits introduced to a child as weaning foods…it’s also one of the first words a child learns at school while learning the English alphabet ! The shape and colour of the fruit are so pleasing that it’s not uncommon to find it illustrated in a lot of our […]

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Iyal-organic food store

Every once in a while,sadly not that often,you hear about something that is unique and supports your lifestyle. After having read about the organic stores in Coimbatore( THE HINDU -Metroplus)…2 of which I frequent every week,the other one called IYAL…I had never heard of ! To my amazement it was in the heart of the […]

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