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Coriander in your diet

Simplicity Coimbatore , Coriander not to be taken lightly   We are often advised to include a variety of greens in our daily diet.How many of us actually pay attention to the many herbs that are on our plates every day ?! Let’s take the coriander leaves for instance…they are used as a garnish , […]

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  Using herbs in the right quantity and for the right dish,enhances the flavour of a dish and adds a subtle depth to the taste…that if you were to cook the same dish minus the herb the next time around you would definitely find it lacking in flavour ! Once you do educate yourself about […]

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Mint…just hearing the name refreshes you ! As summer is just around the corner I am definitely going to be adding a healthy dose of this wonderful herb,in a lot of my food…it’s great in a salad,in a drink and pairs very well with robust flavours as well. Indian mint, Pudina ,as we call it, […]

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