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Flower power- jewellery that leaves you spellbound

Hindu metro plus , Floral trinkets that are a visual delight   The Amar Chitra Katha comics had much more to offer a young girl than just stories on mythology.  The stories ,that focused on women especially had pages and pages of beautiful jewellery and drapes. My favourite, however, was the floral jewellery. Be it […]

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Cleaning -the South Indian way

Hindu metro plus , Cleaning the natural way   Recently, social networking sites were full of pictures of organic dried cow dung cakes being sold online. These induced much laughter and witty comments. Later, however, it set me thinking. Some of us who own agricultural land are fortunate to have access to unadulterated cow dung […]

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Bomma kolu at Navarathiri

Hindu metro plus , All dolled up   Navaratri has begun and, to me, the first thing that comes to mind is the bomma kolu at my grandmother’s home. The practice of displaying dolls is more popular in the southern states. During Navaratri, these dolls are taken out from storage and carefully cleaned. A showcase […]

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