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As a child ,the Pomegranate was one fruit that I just did not want to eat….it took too long to chew you see…that meant less time for play or other more interesting stuff than eating fruit !!! Today it tops the list of my favourite fruits,I can almost feel the enrichment to my body as […]

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Lunch with a childhood friend is always time filled, laughing ,reminiscing ,exchanging new secrets,grown up ideas and almost hear our mothers’ voices come out of our mouth instead of our own !!!! On one such a lunch a few days ago,an absolutely delicious meal of, “words fail to describe”, mouth salivating Andhra food,which I regret […]

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Drumstick / Moringa

In our fast changing world where everything needs to be achieved yesterday and all possible shortcuts are welcomed and used for daily living…so too is the quest for healthy anti ageing miracle foods which boost our immunity and give us the satisfaction of doing good for our body which we may otherwise ignore while multi […]

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