Using herbs in the right quantity and for the right dish,enhances the flavour of a dish and adds a subtle depth to the taste…that if you were to cook the same dish minus the herb the next time around you would definitely find it lacking in flavour ! Once you do educate yourself about using herbs in your daily cooking,it really teaches you that not always does one need masalas and spice blends to make a dish taste like you’ve put a lot of effort into it ! Subtle flavours also add a heavenly zing to a dish. Having been introduced to the world of herbs some years ago,I can honestly say that I do tend to rely a lot on these leaves, packed with fragrance and flavour, for a lot of my food.

Chives belonging to the onion family have medicinal properties similar to garlic but weaker,they are high in vitamin A and C,calcium and iron and they only,like most herbs need to be taken in small quantities…known to have antiseptic properties too but over consumption which none would resort to will lead to digestive problems !!!They are delicious with eggs,snip them in while whisking eggs for an omelet,scrambled eggs…potato salad, a hung dip…all taste divine with a few sprigs of Chives snipped in ! YUM !

This amazing herb was very sweetly gifted to me by a very dear friend’s mum,at whose table I’ve eaten many¬† a delicious meal, throughtout my growing up years and whose food is, to date among the most delicious of what I’ve eaten ever !!!!

The joy of growing herbs and watching¬† them thrive is unparallelled,they require a very small area,most need lots of sunlight and well drained soil rich in organic manure…I would get started on that herb garden,one at a time,they are otherwise undemanding of your time !

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