A home away from home. For Coimbatoreans like me,that could only be the mountains. Blessed to live 2 and a half hours away from the majestic Nilgiris,the Blue mountains that beckon and force you to linger and savour all that it has to offer.

The window view

The window view

In such a place,one is used to time standing still and that kind of ageless way of life is too pure to be changed. It was with wonder and curious amazement that I heard in the passing, of a new bakery, that had opened at Yellanhalli. I was quite sure that the news was inaccurate…who ,I wondered ,would open a place there ??!! and why ??!! Well…the world is one big classroom of experiences ! Soon,in the peak of summer ,with most family and friends travelling up and down from Coonoor, Ooty and Coimbatore,I heard the Cullinarium mentioned so often,that I just had to satisfy my curiosity and see for myself ! So ,off we went ,mum and me ,carting along all the kids of the family.Among ssshs and promises of yummy treats,we finally arrived ! Right at the curve,just before Needle Industries,nestled away from the road,on a flat area,that was just perfect,was the new and quite modern Cullinarium. The owner Vasanthi Devagnanam says that it was started by default and they in no way foresaw it becoming so popular,so quick !!! I loved the charming beverage bar in a corner,bustling with servers, mixing teas, different kinds of coffees and the more decadent hot chocolate cullinarium hot chocolate Nice and frothy,you watch the milky white turn into a creamy beige as you stir it in ! hot and delicious,perfect for little kids for the cold weather ! Cullinarium mint leaves The mint leaves,dotted around in jars was meant to ward off flies. To me ,that was quite a revelation. I also thought it made such a fresh and pretty sight ! The semi circular glass counter in the middle was very modern in contrast to the old world charm of the copper chimney that hung down,the middle of the room. a perfect blend of old and new. The glass counter offered a vast array of baked sweets and savouries. Some were prettily elegant,in the minimalistic style while the breads and quiches were bolder and more robust in keeping with their country flavour. Cullinarium Cakes at the   Cullinarium orange flan The peach flans is one of the more creamy rich sweet pies that are available. The slices are generous,the smiles are genuine and the flavours couldn’t be more real ! cullinarium chocolate escargot These are a huge favourite of mine,so I just had to take a pic. I call them cinnamon snails…yummy ! The Cullinarium has something for everybody,including a tiny little shop of special trinkets. It really is the perfect pit stop for the ever hungry traveller…makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner !!!! 😉

And now as this charming eatery gains momentum in service ,it has expanded it’s menu to feature some tongue tickling soups, starters ,main courses and desserts. We have thoroughly enjoyed every meal eaten here throughout 2015. Hence the need to update this post and pictures of some of their delicious dishes. The hearty soups , the delicious starters and filling main courses make this menu quite irresistible and beckons you to come again soon.

The fish and chips with the quirky presentation…I almost brought the lemon press home 😉  , the yummy saffron risotto with the big garlic prawns , the light puff pastry of the pot pie ,the robustness of the swedish meatballs have continued to maintain their standard of taste and quality….looking forward to sampling other dishes soon…

Spiced , herb and plain butter swirls

Spiced , herb and plain butter swirls

Cullinarium assorted bread

Assorted bread

Cullinarium devilled eggs

Deviled eggs

Cullinarium lemon press

The lemon press :)

Cullinarium swedish meatballs

Swedish meatballs

Cullinarium pasta

Tagliatelle in a flavourful tomato sauce




Vegetarian Canneloni

  The kids just loved the whole drama of the fish and chips served in paper. The creamy mayo like sauce is eggless and the chips are perfect ! The Swedish meatballs are again a big hit with the family. The gravy is velvety and rich with the silky pasta. My husband favours the chocolate mousse…I would too , if only I could drag myself away from the vanilla bean icecream. The little black seeds do make their presence felt and are yummilicious in that creamy cold iced milky dessert. My European friends couldn’t stop licking up the remnants of the creme brulèe . They also compared the eclairs to the ones available in France… so that’s a big thumbs up ! The tasty food , the pristine decor and the calm view makes for a superb dining experience. It’s no wonder why you need to make a table reservation even on an off season week day ! They have now introduced a scrummy afternoon tea. Do make sure to let them know a day in advance . That will help them in executing a meal that is just perfect ! Go team Cullinarium. Keep up your standards and continue to wow us !

For reservations ,call :0423 2517293


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6 Responses to Cullinarium

  1. Manmohan Kajaria August 17, 2014 at 4:52 am #

    Cullinaries – Amazing place to visit.

    Thanks Shanthini for your write up in Hindu,

    Anoo would have loved the place.

    Ooty needed such type of place.

    Must visit on the way and return from Ooty .

    • Shanthini Rajk August 18, 2014 at 6:56 am #

      Glad you enjoyed the experience. Thank you for sharing !

  2. Anamika Gupta Kajaria August 18, 2014 at 6:29 am #

    Recently my husband n family visited this place. Can’t stop raving about it. Will be a must go place my next visit to the nilgiris.

    • Shanthini Rajk August 18, 2014 at 6:58 am #

      :) Glad to hear it !

  3. stella November 10, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

    lovely place,gud stopover at ketti.been there in september.

    • Shanthini Rajk November 11, 2014 at 4:34 am #

      Yes Stella ,it’s the perfect pitstop 😉

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