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Often while trying to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible not just for us but for our family as a whole,we are fed with an abundance of information ! The same things are mentioned by medical experts and books on wellness about the health benefits of various foods ! Now, I know in the hustle and bustle of everyday nutrition can sometimes take a back seat to more pressing duties or responsibilities !
It is not easy to remember from dawn to dusk,the in take of what vitamins and their respective quantities…for most of us…there are many who are super organised and know exactly what their body needs and is in fact receiving ! While we all strive to achieve that level of wellness,I’d like to take a moment to tell you ,that in fact daily nutrition does not have to be that hard…you don’t have to remember which food is rich in what Vitamin/mineral…the good news is we need them all….with large doses of sunlight ;))
So,for those of you who are not already following this,I have a simple tip to make sure you get as many nutrients as possible from the veg family…that is…to go with colours…nature has given us this awesome colour chart of fruit and veg to choose from,depending on what’s in season try to choose at least one veg/fruit in all the colours,everyday,to that add some nuts and you got it pretty well covered !!!

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Example of diff colours in one day

Day 1
Start your day with adding a pomegranate for breakfast…1/2 a cupfull will be 1 serving
Lunch can include any green vegetable (spinach) and cauliflower- eat at least 1 cup full of veg
Remember that onions and tomatoes also count for your intake of coloured fruit/veg
you can snack on roasted almonds/apples
For dinner you can include corn ,yellow pumpkin…so now the colours red,green ,white,yellow..will give you
without you having to even remember vitamins A,C,B1 and a host of other minerals and salts,very essential for well being ! Now you just have to make sure you eat it all ;))
 Day 2
Start your day with a bananafor breakfast- 1 banana per person
Lunch can be peas and radish…the same quantity as above
Again,a snack can be some papaya, channa sundal,sprouts etc
Dinner can be a beetroot dish…salad /chutney
Breakfast can include pears
A lunch with bottle gourd/ridge gourd and carrots is an option
snack on an orange,boiled/roasted peanuts
For dinner you can consider brinjal/aubergine to add to a pasta or a gravy

For me this is a very simple way of getting a variety of nutrients into every day meals…if you have other suggestions,do post them and add your comments if you like my suggestions ! Happy meal planning!!!

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