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Coimbatore city has always been home to discerning foodies…well travelled folks with a good insight into food,flavours,cuisines and hygiene. Naturally in such a place the demand exists for a good eatery which satisfies the above requirements and continues,above all to maintain those standards…such a restaurant will definitely find itself visited by the residents frequently .After many years of grumbles and sighs by my fellow Coimbatoreans…we are all pleased to note that our city has indeed been suddenly discovered by hoteliers and restaurateurs  from other parts and we are only too willing to support their entry and sample the delicious food on offer !
The metro plus article today on a french cafe called V’s…for those of you who have not seen it…sounds  absolutely delightful,who can resist warm  loaves of bread made with good quality ingredients…one could almost hear the passion for food in Chef Manikandan’s remarks,when he talks about the process of making bread. To have the option of being able to buy well made foccacia,baguettes,croissants and other healthier breads is something I think most people here will look forward to a great deal !…Imagine biting into a flaky croissant (calories be damned) or the smell of a freshly baked baguette and being transported to the cafes of France…our picnic hampers will never look the same again…will they ?!! :)) just make sure you balance it out by a good trek or a physical activity that you enjoy,life is all about balance isn’t it ?!



Cafe V at NSR road,open between 3-11pm…4322206 is their number…I hope for all our sakes that this cafe lives up to it’s name and ends up being a place frequented by foodies,art lovers,book clubs and is filled with lively interesting conversation and fun times….because that’s what makes the world a better place  !!!

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