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My tiny helpers !

My tiny helpers !


Food shows are undoubtedly the most watched  on television. They have contributed a great deal to not only kindling in the young , an interest in food  but also a passion to be a part of this amazing industry. Masterchef Australia is a show that is close to my heart. My family and friends watch it religiously season after season. The contestants seem to be getting better with each passing year and are showcasing techniques that are on par with professional chefs. Desserts that seem to defy gravity are executed in a simplified manner. My friend and I were having a chat about the same. While there is no denying the talent of these amazing competitors ,we also realized that it definitely helps to have small gadgets that make these specific  kind of jobs so much easier. Tweezers , molds , rings , siphons and  brulee’ torches do elevate the look of a dish from standard fare to restaurant quality.



Now ,that’s with regard to professional kitchens and the way they like to showcase their food. But , what about gadgets for the home kitchen ? More people are shying away from cooking at home due to the time factor . It doesn’t have to be that way ! Looking at my cabinets and shelves at home made me realize that there are many of these small tools that I use in my daily cooking without even giving it a second thought. As a passionate home cook and busy home maker my meals need to be executed at a quick pace . I still enjoy doing most of the chores ‘by hand’ but with a bit of help. By help I’m referring to my super fine grater , my garlic dicer , cheese press, egg slicer , mini whisk , apple corer and so many more. These save me a lot of time ,that I can then devote to making the meals a little more elaborate. Another advantage is as I get more comfortable using them , it’s utility value doubles. I find that the tool can be adapted to other techniques than the one it was originally intended for. These finds always excite me and adds to the happiness in the kitchen. Visual appeal does add to the taste of the dish. My mother even gifted me a cake tong meant for cutting the perfect wedges. She thinks not too highly of my cake cutting skills !


These tools do make optimum use of time. My apple corer is used to remove the centres from slices of pineapple and also to make little croutons in circles instead of cubes. They look so cute on the plate.The egg slicer is less messy than using a knife. One press of it gives perfect even discs of boiled egg. The eggs can be boiled and refrigerated the previous night with the shell on. Breakfast the next morning is then the work of mere minutes. While the bread is toasting , I use the time to make a healthy tomato or avocado salsa as an accompaniment. It gives a sense of fulfillment , for sure. The cheese press is used also to squidge down mini potatoes , when I need a small quantity of mash. My garlic press and super fine grater were gifts from wonderful foodie friends. The fluorescent grater makes my green papaya salad an absolute joy to put together. My kid used it recently at a cookery competition for grating radish , carrots and cucumbers and loved it just as much. If I had to shred it to such fine strands with a sharp knife ,it wouldn’t be impossible but it would take forever. Not only would it tire me but I may refrain from making that dish often ,however delicious. Such gadgets therefore  don’t take away  from ‘hand work’ , just make it easier. I for one think ,it encourages people to experiment in the kitchen , even if for a larger crowd. I usually whisk my salad dressing with a fork. If it’s runny then I just use  a jar to give the dressing a good shake. However one time I needed to make a more gloopy dressing , quickly for a party. Lucky me , I found my tiny battery powered whisk just when I needed it.


Using such things depend on each person’s cooking style.The trick is to find gadgets that suit our individual needs and not go crazy buying everything that’s available. I also make sure that the usable portion of the implement is made of high grade steel. There’s no sense in buying flimsy objects that will be detrimental to health. Of course not everything can be simplified. Some things are best and can only be done the old fashioned way. Cooking for me is all about an expression of love . My tiny inanimate helpers make sure that my time in the kitchen is most pleasurable and devoid of stress. That makes me one very happy cook !


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