If you are a chocoholic like me ,stay far away from Gianduia !!!! It really is the she devil disguised as a molten chocolate temptress with a hazelnut echo ! Are your eyebrows going up with that description ??!! πŸ˜€

When our lovely friend ,Roberta handed it over and said ,’this is really good chocolat’ ,I had no idea that she was being a tad too modest for something that exploded my chocoholic taste buds ,sky high,after tasting itΒ  !



The way to a chocoholic's heart !

The way to a chocoholic’s heart !

Good !!! Now ,that it has captured your attention ,as I meant for it too,please read on. How on earth have i missed tasting this deliciously decadent chocolate up until now ,I have no idea !!!

Gianduia or Gianduja was a chocolate and hazelnut paste ,invented in Turin. Gianduiotti are these ‘up turned boat’ like chocolates made from cocoa and hazelnut paste.Pronounced Jandooia or Jandootti(with a slight buzz of the J ),it’s exactly like Nutella in solid chocolate form. Nutella (pronounced nute -ella ) is a hazel nut flavoured chocolate paste that is unctious ,delicious and very naughty. Over the past few years,it seems to be jumping out from every departmental store shelf and happily adhering to the side of most kids. As the days go by ,it seems to be harder and harder to pry them away from this nutella addiction !

Gianduia single open

The hazelnut paste adds that smooth creaminess which lets you melt into chocolate heaven. The Swiss chocolates need to share space,in the hall of chocolates, with this chunk of finger licking Italian confectionery ! For those of you who have not yet been initiated into the world of Gianduia ,it’s one experience ,that definitely needs to be ticked off your list ! πŸ˜‰

The reason ,I share this with you ,is to please pick it up on your travels to Europe. Or if visiting friends ask for gift suggestions ,by all means ,say out loud ,” Gianduia “! Share a thought on this blog and maybe a piece for this blogger when you are happily transported to la la chocolate land ,after taking the first bite ! Thank you Roberta !!!

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