Heart healthy concoction

I find that when one pursues their passion with the intention of sharing and learning,we do happen to stumble upon information from the most unexpected of sources…information and knowledge that may save a life and also make a difference to many lives ! Being interested in various cuisines and flavours and new food experiences is one part of being a foodie,the other part is being aware of the healing and nutritive powers of food.The world has been blessed with an abundance source of nutrients and medicines,most of them available in our own kitchens…it’s just that in our busy daily existence ,people find it a lot simpler and easier to pop a pill rather than spend time like our elders did in brewing up different elixirs and ‘kashayams’ (blends) for various ailments that may come our way !

heart healthy concoction

Recently I was given this recipe by a relative who found that after taking a spoon full of this every morning prior to eating breakfast….being a heart patient…a month later ,he found himself fitter than before and that included climbing the stairs with complete ease and enjoying his daily walks with vigour…soon after ,I happened to speak to a friend who had problems with her cholesterol levels and once she began to drink a spoon full of this, very quickly her levels were normal…apparently this recipe has been going around face book and twitter and is good for anyone without ailments too to have a spoon full every morning…how can it not be??!!! it contains,ginger,garlic ,lime,honey¬† and apple cider vinegar and I must say,it doesn’t taste bad at all !!!! What’s the harm…shake the lethargy out and give it a go !!!
1 C ginger juice (200g ginger and half a cup of water,blend and strain)
1C garlic juice(150 g garlic and half a cup of water,blend and strain)
1C lime juice (about 10 limes/lemons-Indian limes)
1C apple cider vinegar
3C natural honey
Add the ginger juice,garlic juice,lime juice and apple cider vinegar to a medium sized pan.
Put on a slow fire,after it comes to a boil,leave it on a on a gentle simmer.
This mixture is about 4Cups,u need to reduce it down to 3 cups…this will take about 45-60mts on a slow simmer.
Once it’s reduced…set it aside to cool.
Now add the honey and mix in well.
Store in sterile glass bottles and refrigerate.
You need to have 1 Tbsp before breakfast …and don’t worry about garlic breath,the lime and vinegar cut that out !!!

heart health drink

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