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Lil italy hoarding

Most often restaurants that are part of a chain or a franchise do not get a special mention. In the past year , I discovered much to my surprise that not everyone frequent ,one of my favourite eating places ! “Little Italy” .  I think it should definitely figure in the list of places to dine out . not only for the people living in Coimbatore but for the out of towners as well.Why is it one of my favourite places to eat in? Let’s see now….

1. Consistency in quality

2. Hygiene (no upset tummies to speak of !)

3. Delicious

4. Authentic ,in the use of herbs and spices….I have never encountered ,green chillies,ginger ,garam masala  or any other indian spice in any of the italian dishes !

5. Thin crust pizza bases that never disappoint !

It is tucked away in a rather nondescript part of town. The location is nothing to rave about ,neither can it be called scenic. The place however is clean and unpretentious ! The staff have been there long enough to be familiar with your likes and dislikes and are a cheerful lot. The management has changed hands a couple of times and that was and is evident in the decor and layout. But,it is commendable that the taste and quality of the food has remained unchanged. I disagree when folks skip a place for other reasons and then complain that nothing sustains in small towns…


Lil italy decor

Not that we need foreigners to validate what we are ourselves aware but still,it helps ! My family enjoys the food here so much ,that once we took with us foodie friends from Germany and the US. Not only foodies but great cooks as well. Initially I was somewhat nervous about taking them to a place which  served neither non vegetarian food nor an alcoholic beverage !!! I was delighted that they loved the food . They were repeatedly incredulous that Italian ,vegetarian food, could taste this good !!!


Lil italy decor tables

There are a few things on the menu that we like to vacillate between . We always think to try something else but end up ordering much of what we crave for ! I can eat their pizzas week after week and not get tired of it ! A few months ago ,they did cater for us ,at an outdoor event and we were so pleased with the quality and cleanliness of their service. Their manager Sashi is a bit soft spoken but very capable and has a happy demeanor.

Lil italy tobaso pizza

The yummy tobasco pizza..zingy with sundried tomatoes and capsicum bits and tobasco !


Lil italy mellinoPizza Mellino…we always ask for it without the spinach and this is what it looks like ! yum !



Lil italy vodka pizzaPizza a la vodka… no alcohol but loads of dried red chilli and pineapple bits. sweet and spicy at it’s best !


I wish I had taken more pictures ,every time we visited but I unfortunately did not do so ! The other things we like to order there are ;

Pepperoni arrosto

Funghi trifolati

Sphagetti primavera

Quattro formaggi risotto

lasagne (where the smell and taste of the basil dances with your tastebuds)

Melanzane parmigianna (for the eggplant fans)

I would like to add,that the many friends and family that have accompanied me here over the years,of all age groups,have always come away ,completely satisfied with their meal !

My kids ,would be mad if I failed to mention  their favourite desserts here;

chocolate bomb , blueberry cheesecake and creme caramel, mango panacotta…all eggless as well !

I just wish more families would patronise this place,because the food is really tasty . It’s not often that one gets to be sure of what they’re gonna eat. They also started out with a lovely wood fire oven ,which lies unused ,due to shortage of customers. Such a crying shame !!!

Lil italy wood ovenIt would be nice to see a nice big fire lighting up the inside of this oven. Wood fire pizzas…mmmm Delicious !!!!

The tables come well stocked with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to mop up with your bread,if you want to try their starters . The rains seem the perfect time to indulge in a hot ,thin crust pizza…don’t you agree ??! Call them at 4516159 and satisfy those italian taste buds 😉

Lil italy seasonings  2

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  1. Zainab Mustafa Mamoowala January 21, 2015 at 1:06 am #

    Hey Little Italy has been our fave joint as well!! Especially my daughter’s who every time wants to b treated to the cheese fondue there!!!:):))

    • Shanthini Rajk January 21, 2015 at 4:35 pm #

      Thanks for your response Zainab ! I agree ,most children love the food there :)

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