Lunch with a childhood friend is always time filled, laughing ,reminiscing ,exchanging new secrets,grown up ideas and almost hear our mothers’ voices come out of our mouth instead of our own !!!! On one such a lunch a few days ago,an absolutely delicious meal of, “words fail to describe”, mouth salivating Andhra food,which I regret not having photographed,I was truly glad that I write a food blog ! It also made me realise why I enjoyed blogging so much ,it’s not just because one is interested in food and tastes etc…it’s also the concept of sharing,sharing what one learns , a new discovery…like a child wanting to run to his or her friend in wonder and be the one to share the secret…that is exactly how it feels to be able to share my thoughts with you !!!!!!!!!

At the end of this yummy assault on the taste buds ,I needed to sit and just revel in all the flavours that blended so well on my palate…a half an hour later,was placed before me ,a delicious tray of desserts….chocolates,dates,carrot halwa ,katlis and adorable Mandarins !!!! I knew they were mandarins but what I did not know was that they could be eaten with the skin !!!!

Mandarins 002

They are a variety of citrus fruits similar to oranges commonly found in China,where these are from…but also available in Mumbai and other metros, at exotic fruit stores ! The skin on the Mandarin is so thin,that it can be bitten into easily and the flesh is so sweet,not a hint of tart whatsoever ! Another friend and reader who gets it from Mumbai,insists that it’s the perfect snack for her kid’s snack break at school !

Mandarins 003

Loaded with vitamin C ,this little fruit carries all the goodness of citrus fruits and the skin being so easily edible adds to the fibre content and is loaded with antioxidants as well ! The fruit is said to be prescribed in Asian medicine for all ailments of the throat and has tremendous nutritive properties.
This is also a hardy fruit to carry back on your travel,since it is not soft and has a firm outer covering,it’s a great bring back home gift for family and friends…you know what is going to be stuffed in your hand luggage ,the next time you travel ;)) Cheers !

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