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Halloween or All Hallows eve is a yearly celebration in many western countries on Oct 31st.Typical activities include trick or treating, attending costume parties,apple bobbing,carving jack o lanterns out of pumpkins,listening to horror stories playing harmless pranks and just a lot of fun ! As we live in a global community…kids celebrations quickly get popular everywhere…so too Halloween parties have become popular this side of the globe too ! Have received a few requests for food ideas for Halloween,I got quite excited at the thought of inventing gory food and wanted to share my Halloween menu with you…my mom will be very upset by the way :p…bats,witches,warlocks are just not her thing…well,we just won’t tell her…mom,u know I love you !!!!
Halloween menu
Blood and guts potatoes-baked potatoes with cheese and ketchup
Mummy wraps-sausages rolled in bread
Swamp slime-green jelly in coconut shells
Witches brew- black channa with bread
Devil’s candy-dark chocolate and nut squares
Fallen angels-black cotton candy
Bat bites-black olive tapenade on bread
cobweb cups- stir fried glass noodles in a cup
Rattling teeth- fried puffed rice
Other options include…spooky cupcakes,monster cookies,gummy worms and graveyard goop-chocolate jumbles !!!!
Have a spooooky evening folks !!!!!

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