My meal at The Fatty Bao

Fatty bao hoarding

The name “Fatty Bao’ has been reverberating in my brain for a couple of months now. As is the case with new restaurants,especially ones that offer a new and fun dining experience….the initial excitement is huge !

Knowing that the owners of this place have a huge gastronomic past, I wasn’t exactly surprised to hear all the great compliments. What piqued my interest further is that these compliments came from people of different ages and varied taste preferences ! Now that,you’ve got to admit ,was rather unusual. People who did not expect to like the food,were raving about it !!! Yum Yum….so glad we were going the Bengaluru route 😉

I loved the hoarding…incredibly cute. Lunch times are best when dining with the family,especially the young ones because…dinner has an age curfew…two thumbs up for that !

Often I do find ,unwinding at dinner,at a place, with a distinct ambiance, loses it’s charm when bombarded with inappropriate age groups…particularly when they haven’t been taught ‘how to dine in public’ ! The polite manner in which it is enforced here is quite endearing and somehow it is difficult to take umbrage !

Fatty bao no kids


There we were…. of all age groups…young ,younger and very young 😉


Fatty bao pandas

The Fatty bao welcomes you straight away with the friendly pandas on the walls and the space is spacious enough to make you want to unwind !The large windows allow you, to visually ,let the green outdoors in ! Loved the fatty keeping us company at the table too ! With great hosts and fun company the meal was already off to a fabulous start !

Fatty bao piggy

The menu was an huge assault on my brain ! Deciding to take the easy way out,I just asked my expert hostess Kavita to order,knowing fully well that we were in for a mighty fine feast ! In came , the , following…

….may the pictures speak a 1000 words or more……


Fatty bao grilled tofuSTIR FRIED TOFU


Fatty bao cream cheese sushi rollsSUSHI ROLLS WITH CREAM CHEESE



Fatty bao brie tempuraBRIE TEMPURA


Fatty bao pork belly with micro greensPORK BELLY


Fatty bao sugarcane chickenSUGARCANE CHICKEN


Fatty bao salmon carpacchioSALMON CARPACCIO


Fatty bao pork bunsPORK BAO


Fatty bao Chocolate dessert Forgot the name- CHOCOLATE DESSERT

Now…for my ‘died and went to heaven’ moments….

I thought that the cream cheese sushi and brie tempura were pure genius. The cream cheese with the sushi rice was sooo delicious with the wasabi and soy. The brie tempura just disappeared in a trice and we could’ve eaten enough to feed an army of a 100…there were 10 of us ,you know !!! Loved the finesse with which they were presented right down to the micro greens.

The pork belly was good as were the stir fried tofu. The carpaccio seemed a tad too salty for me but not to the others .The sugarcane chicken ,at first I thought,tasted like a sheekh kabab ,same kind of spices,then you bite down on the sugarcane and oh…it’s a whole different taste altogether…no more sheekh kabab…more of a merry dance on my tongue !

The pork bao came highly recommended. While it was truly yummy,my favourite was the fish bao,because the outer crunch of the crispy fish was yummy with that soft steamed bun ! The chicken bao was just as tasty and the kids did full justice to the lot ,along with us grown ups.

Would you believe that these were just the ‘starters’ ??!!! Truly satiated.,we declined the mains . A round of desserts appeared but I was much too happy after savouring all that came out of that (I’m sure) ‘happy kitchen’,that I barely even tasted it. The oohs and yumms ,however,registered in my food fogged brain !

Apparently chefs don’t much like food bloggers to write about restaurants,nevertheless ,thanks to free speech and all of that, I think that I would be failing in my duty as a food blogger, a foodie mom and a home cook, if I did not mention,to my readers, my meal at ‘The fatty bao’…a truly deliciously unforgettable afternoon !

Thank you Chef Manu Chandra and team for that experience !








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