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As much as I love to educate myself about food and cuisines, I am equally passionate about books of all kinds. As a child I grew up loving the English language ! Now in hind sight I realize that I’ve always been drawn to descriptive writing . Some weeks after I started blogging is when I realized that somehow ,without my realization,my two passions have gotten intertwined and at the very heart of being a food blogger is a deep love for food fiction !

One of my must dos while in Ooty,is a visit to the Higginbotham book store and browse among it’s familiar walls ! When my gaze settled on this book ,the curiosity overwhelmed me. The title and the storyline sounded absolutely delicious and I was hooked straight away. I succumbed and with my parcel intact ,left to savour it at home !!!

“More than just Biryani” by Andaleeb Wajid takes us onto an enriching journey of the rich food customs of Muslim households. The attention paid to the smallest detail, in cooking technique is sure to bring delight to a foodie reader. One can almost smell the aroma of the spices roasting and feel the long hours spent in cooking a lavish feast !

This book also focuses on how important food is in the Indian kitchen and what an essential role it plays in family get togethers and during important festivities. The idea of passing on a recipe from mother to child is a far better way of imbibing the finer nuances of cooking,is highlighted in this book. That is something one will experience,very rarely in a cookbook ! This book will definitely have you salivating for a sumptuous biryani or at the very least,put a smile on your face,of the last memory of having eaten such a meal.

Find a special corner,elevate your feet, read , visualize,smile and feast…your senses !!! That’s exactly what I did and, I look forward to re living the experience all over again !

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