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pancake heart only


Sunday morning breakfast is always a special time at home. A time to linger unhurriedly over the stove top and still have a ear to the loud conversations at the breakfast table. Amidst loud laughter , irrationally funny arguments and deep findings ,I try to bring forth a fun dish to serve my mad family !!!

This experience gets better with the addition of friends to our Sunday morning meal. Especially when they are fun foodies as well. This is one Sunday that I will never forget…. not only because of the many moments of laughter that I shared with my dear friend Kaveri but also because she introduced me to the fun world of ‘Pancake Art’ ! Oh what fun it was to learn something new and be able to get it right !!!! I knew straight away that this was something I was going to do often and have a great time experimenting !!!

pancake caterpillar art


Oh my gosh…I only thought of all the little ones in my family when i was making this baby caterpillar. Doesn’t he just perk up your Sunday morning even more ?!!! My kids insisted that he was much too cute to be eaten !!!

pancake sun art


Don’t miss the little beauty spot on the chin 😉 ! This bright sun is so easy to make and still looks so fantastic ! It’s amazing how something so simple can look so good ! I’m sure this one is going to get a whole lot of you to the kitchen…it’s irresistable !

pancake heart with nutella

While we prefer to use only natural accompaniments like honey and real maple syrup…nutella is an unavoidable vice ! I blame it on my kid…the little one and the ‘not so little’ one 😀

A squeezie ketchup bottle ensures ease in dolloping the batter…however I used a spoon and it came out okay. Maybe for more intricate designs ,it’s best to keep a squeezie bottle with a small nozzle ,at hand !

pancake art varied

When we ran out of stomachs to feed,we just went a little nuts with the remaining batter ! a monster ,a snail , a star ,little zig zags…it was like a canvas in a pan. Now i have a teeny weeny feeling of what artists must feel like working on an empty canvas !

pancake art in the makingMaking a little girl with bows in the hair.

This is how you do it…wait for the first bits to cook ,then pour the remaining batter to fill up the spaces…when that cooks the first bits of batter will darken and thereby give you the light and dark effect. You can try it with different coloured batter too. I’m sure children will love that !

pancake star art pancake star

The batter can be whole grain or with millets and you can up the nutrient quotient by adiing a lot of fresh fruit like kiwi , strawberries and bananas. Pancakes can be healthy,you can indulge in them guilt free !

If you are reading this,do leave a comment . It can be what you thought of my idea, your views…regardless of whether you make this or not. Hearing from you ,makes me want to share more.

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  1. Beena July 25, 2014 at 8:03 am #

    So Artistic, yummy and healthy what more can you ask…

    • Shanthini Rajk August 5, 2014 at 6:06 am #

      Thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback !

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