When cousins get together to make fun plans for a family wedding,food plays a vital role ! With excitement in the air punctuated with loud laughter,every day dawns with a smile ,especially for the kids ! The weather being hotter than the usual hottest temperature…I didn’t even know that was possible,by the way !!!!…in between all the other activities my brain had to come up with light, healthy snacks ! The calorie loading is anyway going to happen later !!!! 😀

popcorn organicWhen I first saw this packet of coloured popcorn kernels in a super market in KL, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to pop them with the kids ! Well ! That was the plan !! Getiing my busy family together is another activity by itself ! So, I finally decided that it was the perfect snack for the weather and for the tummy !!!

popcorn kernelsI was sooo excited at the different colours. I visualized white, mauve and pink popcorn ! Since I don’t have a popcorn maker , I used a large pan ,added a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt ,flame on low and closed the pan with a lid !

popcorn poppingHow I love the sound of corn popping…it’s really like a bit of kitchen magic ;). Oh…but I was terribly sad to see all the popped corn to be of  the same colour :( :( …a bit of a let down ,that was ! Glad the kids weren’t with me ,or I would’ve never heard the end of it  :p …but still pop went the corn kernels !

popcorn poppedThat’s a satisfying sight for sure ! Some hot butter and salt…yum ! We skipped that and added a sprinkling of chaat masala powder,after it became a little cool…no butter for the bridesmaids !!!! Since I do have some leftover,maybe I will add some other flavourings too !

popcorn bowlsNothing fancy ,just creating memories of special times,amidst loud music , giggles and raised tones, on a warm day in May ,with containers filled to the brim with ‘white’ popcorn !

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  1. sujani balu May 20, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

    Coloured or white , pop corn is a sure winner..

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