Bacon grilled

Bacon (boiled!)

One of life’s guilty pleasures,is bacon and eggs,for sure !!! At least for me ! My family and friends even the most health conscious ones,cannot seem to say no to bacon…the salty bite along with the crunchiness is so delicious ,the taste is quite unique and little else comes close to comparison.

‘You learn something new everyday’…so true ! During the summer holidays,up in the hills,I walked into the kitchen,one morning ,to find mum ,busy making breakfast. As I peered over her shoulder,I encountered a most unusual sight…that of bacon merrily bubbling away in…WATER ! I looked again and asked her ,in a tone full of amazement,”What she was cooking??”…because this was the first time I had ever seen bacon being cooked like that !!!


Bacon boiling

Out, I rushed to get my camera…as this needed to be mentioned !!! Apparently my younger sibling had suggested this method of cooking bacon and they have been doing it this way, ever since ! What a great idea… I feel slightly less guilty , about eating the stuff now. Wonder why they never told me !!!!! ;p


Boiled bacon

As it cooks ,the water turns murky and a fair amount of the fat does get into the water…much like when boiling meat. Also the salt content is greatly reduced . If you prefer,you may  add a dash of salt to the bacon…I,on the other hand, quite got used to it after a couple of bites.


Bacon in skillet

Once it is cooked,it simply needs to be tossed in a hot skillet,until you achieve the desired crispness. A little of the fat gets rendered to ensure that the bacon crisps up in a little while. This skillet has been around since my childhood,it has helped my mother and the cook through many hurried breakfasts …and large breakfasts at that ! It’s an unforgettable companion in the kitchen up in the hills ;)))…

To be honest,when we tasted this bacon,it does feel a lot lighter and does not have that intense greasiness that is felt while eating bacon…if you are conscious of eating healthier,that would be a small sacrifice (if you can call it that ) for a world of good. My kids did ,initially, not like it but soon got used to it and will definitely eat it again,if made this way. I thought it was rather a novel idea and I’m all for healthier cooking techniques and so I share this idea with you !

I know this isn’t a recipe…more like a different cooking technique applied to a familiar ingredient !

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  • 1. In a heavy pan add water
  • 2. Let come to a boil and add the bacon
  • 3. Let boil rapidly for about 20 mts
  • 4. Boil until changes to a slightly opaque tone
  • 5. Heat a flat skillet and fry the cooked bacon until golden and the edges curl and colour. Yum !!!

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