Blue cheese Dressing

It was very recently ,that blue cheese became a member of my larder . As taste buds became more adventurous,so too did the condiments on the table. As with most foods that have sharp distinct flavours,like tobasco, mustard …all which carry their own hint of spiciness,blue cheese too can grow on your taste buds rather quickly !

While I cannot actually recall when I did in fact introduce it to my cooking,I do remember first being excited at finding it in a supermarket that I frequented and thinking to myself…well now that it is available,why not experiment with it. It helps that I have a family that trusts my cooking and will try almost anything that I put before them…which is probably the reason why I am able to happily write about it ! I found right away that blue cheese had this rather endearing quality when paired with milk,much like a lemon adding zing to tandoori chicken. That made it rather easy to add a dash of it ,when I felt the need to make a bland milk infused dish come to life.It also ensured that a small packet of blue cheese went a long way. I particularly like the Stilton and Roquefort….the Gorgonzola that I’ve had is more creamy and the Danablu less so…but all do commonly add that instant lift to the tip of the tongue !

While I am not a person who needs cheese very often to plan a meal,it’s a nice alternative,especially to make a special meal for a vegetarian. I love hearing or watching videos of  the process of these cheeses aged in caves and how bread mold is used as a starter to age these cheeses and therefore help form the bluish green lines that run through them…my kids were fascinated by that…so it’s not just about eating it…it’s also a bit of travel around the world through the knowledge of food ! Fun trivia :))

I do hope you try my blue cheese dressing,it has no mayonnaise,no cream but does taste yummy and would really love to see those comments…helps me to share more !

blue cheese platterblue cheese dressing

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  • 1. Whisk the yoghurt and set aside
  • 2. In a pan on low heat,add the milk and stir gently
  • 3. Add the blue cheese and keep stirring
  • 4. Once the cheese melts and the milk thickens,turn off the heat and let cool completely.
  • 5. Add the mustard to the yoghurt
  • 6. Add the cooled milk/cheese sauce and stir well
  • 7. Add the pepper and snip in the chives with scissors
  • 8. Check seasoning and tweak if required
  • 9. Serve with assorted vegetable crudites/crackers as you like.

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