Broccoli soup

Broccoli is a veggie that I love in any form but there a lot of people who just are unable to bring themselves to enjoy eating this versatile veggie…I think you do need to find a way to get into your system somehow because the health benefits are varied and many ! Cooked broccoli offers more benefits than raw,however I don’t mean for you to deep fry them…a light steaming or a quick stirfry or blanching will suffice !

Cooking the vegetable increases the indole content by freeing a crucial enzyme.Broccoli in addition to being high in vitamin C also contains phytochemicals-beta carotene,sulphoraphane and indoles which protect against or slow the growth of some types of cancer ! Being high in Vitamin C .it helps in the absorption of iron from eggs,meat and fish…so it’s a good side dish to have…like Orange Juice goes with eggs for breakfast !!!
I have no doubts that you will enjoy this soup…take it from me, from the age groups of 6-60 have licked the bowl clean

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  • 1. Cut the broccoli into florets
  • 2. Chop the onion finely
  • 3. Strain the veg stock and set aside reserving the carrot,onion,garlic and peppercorns Now heat a large pan,add a dash of oil,lightly saute the onions until soft,add the broccoli and stir through for 2 minutes,now little by little ladle the veg stock in...add salt and pepper,let it come to a boil
  • 4. Take off heat and set aside to cool.
  • 5. Puree it in a blender/mixer.
  • 6. smooth or chunky depending on your preference.
  • 7. check for seasoning.
  • 8. Pour mixture back into the pan,add the milk,check for taste and warm through gently.
  • 9. Ladle into bowls and garnish with the bread and chillies.
  • 10. colourful and YUM
  • 11. Note; If you are not using the milk,puree it to a smooth consistency and gently heat before serving !

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