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Caramel and Pecan squares

Cookbooks are for people like me ! I love reading them ,I love looking at the delicious pictures and sometimes I may even try a recipe soon after reading it ! Most of my cookbook collection is thanks to my dearest mommy !!!! Everytime I am gifted with one ,hints are thrown randomly but forcefully as to which recipe in particular she would like to taste ! Terrible me,scarcely makes the effort to send her food…despite having the intention to do so !

“WHY??” you may ask,scowling…and I do not fault you that ! It is simply because, I have absolutely no idea ,when, the good lady, is in the frame of mind to ‘eat’ ! That ,as you can understand is a very genuine problem, for a doting daughter ,like me !!!!

The point to this whole prologue is that I did make these delicious squares from a book that she gifted me awhile ago. A book of sweet treats . I love baking a dish that has few ingredients and I love it more if the recipe is  eggless. For,that means, it’s one more dish that I can share with the many ‘vegetarians’ in my family who are also faithful foodies ! This dish satisfies many briefs ! The most important being ,that it satisfies ‘The sweet tooth” ! It’s also a great snack for school or after. I deviate very slightly from the original recipe by adding whole meal flour and cinnamon. I need to smell food baking in the oven and hence my obsession for the aromatics !

Golden ,delicious and slightly sticky when warm,I made these recently for my kid’s football match. With the wholegrain base ,jaggery and nuts ,this was a great carb option for replenishment of energy. With kids who like unfussy food while playing, this one hit all the right notes. It’s always a good feeling when the food you make gets eaten in a trice :)

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The pecan nuts are unlike most of the other nuts. This is why I have not offered another nut option for this recipe.
The whole pecan nut gets all toasty and crunchy when baked and has almost a sweetish flavour that sort of blends well with the caramel. I also like that these squares are not over poweringly sweet at all. This I attribute to the use of natural sugars. Beware of any demerrera sugar. I prefer to buy the Rajshree sugar’s brand or the one at Orga foods on Race Course. Very often ,coloured white sugar is passed off as demerrera !

I’m sure most of you who like to bake will love to try this simple recipe. It’s been awhile since I’ve had comments on my website…would love to hear from you,even if you don’t bake and simply like to read!

Pecan nuts are available at Nuts n Spices.. Ta ta  ! 😀


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  • 1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C
  • 2. In a large bowl,sift in the whole grain flour
  • 3. Mix in the demerrera sugar
  • 4. Add the butter and rub gently into the flour with your finger tips,until the mixture resembles coarse mud.
  • 5. Brush a 9' x 3 " baking dish with butter or oil
  • 6. Pat the flour mixture down ,to cover the base of the tin
  • 7. Arrange the pecan slices on the top and set aside ,covered with a loose lid or aluminum foil.
  • 8. Make the caramel. In a medium pan ,combine the butter and the brown sugar over low heat. When melted ,add the cinnamon stick. Bring to the boil and stir continuously until golden,about a minute.
  • 9. Remove the cinnamon stick and pour the caramel over the pecan covered flour base.
  • 10. Bake for about 20-25 mts until the caramel is bubbly and the crust turns golden.
  • 11. Cool on a wire rack and cut into squares.
  • 12. Keeps well in room temperature for a couple of days.

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