Carrot soup

Carrot soup with caramelised baby carrots and chives

Carrot soup…just the colour of it will have you salivating…believe you me,I do happen to have anti soup people at home…one look at the end result and they were quite willing to taste and I’m very happy to say finished a whole bowl full and asked for some extra baby carrots on the side…well !!!!…no wonder that i want to keep on cooking and sharing food ideas and recipes ! So…for the non soup lovers…do try,you maybe surprised,and the best part is it’s easy peasy !!! Don’t make me tell you that carrots are good for your eyes ;p you must have said it to your own a 1000 times….high in beta carotene,they are full of Vitamin A and are very versatile in the way they blend with many cuisines and flavours…a universally loved veggie !

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  • 1. Pressure cook the carrots,onion,celery,bay leaf,potato,peppercorns,garlic and ginger until the veg are cooked-4 whistles.
  • 2. let it cool slightly
  • 3. Remove the celery and ginger.
  • 4. .if you like the taste of ginger,leave it in,goes very well with carrots.
  • 5. Blend the carrots,potato,onion and garlic,the water and some peppercorns,depending on how spicy you want it to be.
  • 6. In a small pan add the baby carrots,some EVOO,honey and heat gently on medium heat until the carrots are sticky and golden...set aside.
  • 7. Pour the blended carrot mixture back into the pan,add about 2 cups of water and heat gently to a boil,let cook to required consistency...add salt,check seasoning.
  • 8. The reason I add potato,is for a bit of creamy unctuousness...and it's much healthier than cream !
  • 9. Ladle the soup into bowls.
  • 10. top with some caramelised baby carrots and snipped chives ! If you don't have baby carrots ,caramelised juliennes of ginger are also quite yummy

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