salad and chutney 009

Coriander and mint chutney

A simple refreshing twist on a coriander chutney
This is a recipe like many others that came into existence 1 hot summer morning…with time to kill and a bounty of coriander and mint…this recipe was born and to my complete surprise was loved by my family and also others who are used to food tasting a certain way…so i’m eager to know what u may think of this one !

salad and chutney 009

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  • 1. Please ensure that the coriander and mint are thoroughly washed and drained,please include the coriander stems...full of flavour
  • 2. You may either use a blender or your faithful grinding stone,add all the ingridients,except the lemon ,pulse it if using a blender adding a little water at a time,until you reach the consistency of your choice...we prefer a paste that is neither runny nor too coarse.
  • 3. If you are using a grinding stone,the chutney develops into a paste as fast as the hand moves,a totally different experience!
  • 4. Taste at this stage,to adjust seasoning and spice...add the lime/lemon juice a bit at a time,tasting a teeny bit at every point...we like it quite lemony.
  • 5. It's ready to eat at this stage,if you want to store it ,it keeps well in a tightly closed dish,in the refrigerator for a couple of days.
  • 6. We like it as an accompaniment to idlis,dosas,uthappams or with makes a light refeshing sandwich.
  • 7. don't forget to smile while making it ;D

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