Curry leaf (Karuvaepillae) podi

The very sight of a lush curry leaf plant radiates health and all things good !An integral part of an Indian diet,it is highly aromatic and used in flavouring gravies,stews,snacks and simply sauteed vegetables too…it is a very popular ingredient in Chettinad cuisine particularly. Unfortunately when used for tempering most people tend not to eat the leaves…they are a virtual powerhouse of nutrients,they have been proven in Ayurveda in controlling cholesterol and averting or delaying greying .Curry leaves are full of antioxidants and alkaloids,so they are excellent for the gastro intestinal tract and improves the digestive system,very good for diabetics too.They also have been known to help in tremendously lowering the after effects of chemotherapy!
Traditionally they were made into flavourful concoctions in the form of podis (powders) and gravies which makes it easier to get a lot more nutrition from them than trying to chew a few leaves ,which most people tend to avoid.
This karuvaepillae podi is very tasty and can be eaten with rice or idli with the addition of a bit of ghee which is needed to help the absorption of iron which the curry leaf has a high content of ! In an airtight container this keeps well for months !

Karuvaepillae podi

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  • 1. In a pan or kadai/wok...on low heat,add the curry leaves.
  • 2. Toss it well in a hot pan until it's dry and almost crisp but not burnt...set aside
  • 3. In the same pan dry fry the dhals and peppercorn until it's lightly roasted.
  • 4. Add the curry leaves and mix well together for a few minutes-3/4 mts.
  • 5. Set aside to cool.
  • 6. Once well cooled,add salt and blend to a coarse or fine powder...check for seasoning.
  • 7. I find this so versatile,please treat it as you would a spice blend or condiment...toss it with mini idlis,add it to chappathi dough,mix it in with rice...maybe even a podi raitha...mixed into smooth yoghurt would be good too and the nutritional benefits are immense ! I think we should all store a jar of this at home,if we aren't already doing so !!! :))

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