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Dark Chocolate Muffins ( Valentine’s special)

Yes !!! Hello ! It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow people….of course I’m all hearts and hugs and mush and everything else , with a spring in my step to add to all of that 😀 And why not I ask you , even if it’s just something conjured up by hallmark , it’s still reason enough to smile… to remember just how much love surrounds each one of us !

Why else do you think I stock up on red sugar hearts and tuck them away like a squirrel until February 14th ?! I’m obsessed with hearts and for a person like me… a day meant just for hearts is the perfect excuse to go berserk ! For the longest time , my mother referred to me as an ‘affected creature’ . Now with the grandchildren following suit everything is obviously all roses and hugs ! Sighhhh ! C’est la vie !

So with that in mind ,here are some quick , easy and not very un-healthy dark chocolate muffins.If you think the pictures don’t show any of the over the top Valentine excitement that I claim to be feeling then I’m glad because I don’t want to tell you about the fallen muffin 😛 … it’s just there for effect, that is all !

The first time I made these I used dark chocolate chips instead of the milk chocolate because I was so sure that it wasn’t going to make a huge difference… I was wrong !!!! The sweetness of the milk chocolate is what helps you enjoy the richness of the dark chocolate couverture as well as the cocoa. Now this is one recipe that absolutely calls for the best cocoa and dark (cooking) chocolate you can find…. My pick for a local brand would be the Regal chocolates brand . If you don’t find it , just use the best you can lay your hands on. Please do not buy the compound chocolate…I’d rather you didn’t try out this recipe if it came to that !!!!

Muffins are at their delicious best when eaten just warm. Unlike cupcakes these are a tad more doughy and are best eaten within a day or two at the most. These babies are so intensely chocolatey that they are best enjoyed in miniature . I love to pull them apart just to catch sight of those melted pools of milk chocolate glowing between the dark cakey bits. I swear  that finding them before popping into the mouth adds to the whole taste experience. Because you’re already reveling in it with eyes tightly shut before it hits the palate… YUM !

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If  you are like my teenage monsters who thrive on excess decadence you may , zap the muffin for 10 seconds in the microwave, split it open , add a dash of caramel syrup / sauce , top it with vanilla bean icecream , sit back and slurp up every spoon full !  BUT…only if you absolutely must.

Enjoy 😉

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  • 1. Add the dark chocolate couverture and butter to a bowl and place over a pan of water. fill enough water so that it does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Set the pan on low heat and let the water boil. The heat from the water will slowly melt the chocolate and butter. Make sure that no vapour escapes between the bowl and the mouth of the pan as this may not allow the chocolate to melt well. Once the bowl is well heated ,turn off the flame and let the chocolate melt. You can also use a double boiler for the same.
  • 2. Sift the flour , baking powder and cocoa into a big mixing bowl.
  • 3. Beat the egg in a dish and whisk in the milk as well as the vanilla extract.
  • 4. Once the chocolate and butter have melted to a satiny liquid , set it aside.
  • 5. Slowly add the milk mixture to the melted chocolate a little at a time and mix until well blended, this will take a bit of work.
  • 6. Once all the milk mixture has been incorporated into the chocolate, make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour the wet mixture in.
  • 7. Add the milk chocolate chips
  • 8. Mix with a spatula in a cutting and folding motion. This will ensure that the batter doesn't get too heavy.
  • 9. Once mixed, dollop by the spoon fulls into mini muffin cases and bake until the top is set. About 6 to 8 minutes.
  • 10. Let cool , dust with icing sugar and decorate with sugar hearts.
  • 11. This can also serve as a yummy dessert ,topped with caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream... my teenager's suggestion ;)

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