Eggs down under

Eggs down under

The picture here is without the cheese…that’s an option,which could be included  !

This was made with giving the young ones a fully balanced breakfast,that having been said there is really nothing unhealthy about it for adults either,you can change it depending on your dietary requirements !
This breakfast has whole carbs,Vitamin A from the egg yolk,lycopene from the tomatoes,calcium/Vitamin D from the cheese and healthy fats from the EVOO

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  • 1. Using a round cutter,cut out a circle in the centre of the slice of bread and keep aside
  • 2. Cut tomato into circles-de seed
  • 3. Add a tablespoon of EVOO on a flat omelet pan
  • 4. Place the slice of bread the bread disc and the tomatoes on the pan
  • 5. Break an egg into the scooped out portion of the bread
  • 6. Add salt and pepper on the egg
  • 7. Season the tomatoes too and add a dash of dried oregano
  • 8. Now turn on the stove to low heat,cover with the lid and let cook until eggs are just set with the yolks still soft
  • 9. Turn off the heat,open the lid and add the cheese to the bread disc and cover again for a minute
  • 10. The residual heat will melt the cheese
  • 11. Serve hot
  • 12. Serving suggestions...those wanting added flavour can add a dash of Tabasco or balsamic vinegar

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