blueberry syrup with 1 pancake

Fresh Blueberry Syrup

Oh my god…I love making blueberry syrup. Makes me think of the traditional American breakfast at IHOP !!! I don’t get a chance to do so often,obviously because they are almost never available here in Coimbatore ! Despite me being happily busy in my own world ,thanks to my foodie friends who are constantly foraging in the stores,I was quickly informed of the availability of these inky berries ,in my neighbourhood ! So,to Divya of ‘foodshrink’ blog ,many thanks from me and my family who reaped the benefits of that information !!! :) Loaded with antioxidants ,these tiny dark berries pack quite a punch on the nutrient meter !

blueberries fresh

Imported all the way from the Netherlands , a small box at Rs.475 was not ‘cheap’ by any means. The few ways that I can think of ,to stretch this quantity is to add it to a fruit salad , use it for a cheesecake topping ,(yummy…must tell my mother…she makes cheesecakes to die for …yeah and won’t give me the recipe too :(  )  or to make a blueberry syrup to go with pancakes or french toast ! This syrup is so super easy ,that you can make it in minutes and looks and tastes mighty rewarding for such little effort put in ! I am almost embarrassed to give you the recipe  ’cause it’s sooo easy !

blueberry syrup 1

The fresh berries have just been dunked into the honey caramel syrup . The process of  watching it change from here on ,is something that is my favourite part of making it ! I find that my eyes never leave the pan !


blueberry syrup 2

see …how the berries have swollen and burst their juices into the syrup,so beautiful ! That indigo /purple/wine burgundy is such a rich colour and the aroma wafting out of the pan is as heady as the scent of  vanilla or freshly baked bread…it had the kids sniffing their way down into the kitchen.

What a great way to begin a sunday…an early morning bicycle ride to the outskirts ,where most of the sounds are caused by the gusts of wind and the call of birds and very little to the humm of vehicular traffic ! The sight of a lake filled to the brim with water,the sun just about peeping out of the clouds , happy conversation with my fellow bikerette 😉 ….of course I had to come back and translate all of that into making blueberry syrup ! 😀

Sulur bike ride july 2014

Being productive, early on a sunday morning gives a deep sense of satisfaction unlike any does set the mood for the rest of the day ! I am immensely grateful for days such as these and wish they increase with each passing year !

Now,back to the blue berry syrup ,it thickens fairly quickly and is quite rich in taste and half a ladle per pancake is very satisfying. This one has no butter or cream but you may add those to make a more celebratory syrup !

blueberry syrup,pancake and jugApologies for the unappealing pics but they were in great demand to be eaten and the tummy rumbles threatened to drown the construction noise from the neighbouring site !!! I’m sure you can imagine pancakes at your home looking like this before being whisked away to be devoured !

blueberry syrup gone

And….that as they say ,was , indeed, “the proof of the pudding ” !!!

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did and if you want more,I need to see your comments on this blog…otherwise I haven’t got a clue whether you liked this or not…a thumbs up , a smiley face , a yum…is possible I think ?!

Blueberry syrup in jug

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  • 1. Wash the berries and drain in a colander
  • 2. In a medium pan ,add the jaggery and water and mix.
  • 3. Turn heat onto low and let the sugar and water combine.
  • 4. As it starts to simmer,add the honey ,let it simmer.
  • 5. Add the blueberries at this stage and stir to coat it with the liquid.
  • 6. Let it continue to bubble away until it reduces ,the berries seep their juices and it starts to get sticky and catch at the edge of the pan.
  • 7. you can if you want ,add butter initially with the sugar and water...cream however needs to be added right at the end after the syrup thickens and gets sticky. Also while adding cream,take the pan off the fire.
  • 8. With every bite the sweet smell of the syrup will permeate your nostrils and have it wafting in your brain for the rest of the morning !

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