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Fried rice

The summer holidays have come to an end ,sadly so !!! The begining of a new school year and the day begins with a request for lunch…haha…why am I surprised !?! ‘Fried rice pleeease’ was repeated too many times for me to not ignore 😉 ! Fried rice ,thankfully is quite easy to put together. It’s not something that I make often for lunch as we usually stick to regular South Indian fare but I didn’t think anyone would mind if I deviated slightly on this one occassion.

I did have carrots and corn,that’s a nice combo and thankfully a fresh bunch of bright green spring onions…yum ! I decided to skip the onions and beans…simply because I was not in the mood to chop them ! It happens sometimes. Soy sauce and vinegar are always available in my storage cabinet,just for such emergencies !!!


fried rice corn

The recipe is so simple that the mixture comes together quickly,in the pan. If you are faster than me in cutting and chopping,this dish will be done in no time at all !


fried rice corn to mix


One of my favourite moments is mixing and watching the ingredients transform into the finished dish.It’s at this point that most of the love flows and happy thoughts surface as you visualize the face of the people that you make it for…it’s a special private moment !


fried rice mixed

All done and now is the time to take a minute to admire the many colours that bring life to the grains of white rice. I love the flecks of green here and there,of the spring onions.

I’ll share with you a little secret.Into one lunch box, I have to add a few drops of spicy Tabasco sauce…otherwise I have to be prepared to meet a droopy face in the evening ! So,if you feel you need to add some spice,that’s another option.

I hope you like this simple fried rice,it can be altered in many ways and that way will taste different every time !Enjoy !

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  • 1. Cook the rice in water until done,strain and leave aside,covered ,to cool.
  • 2. In a pan ,add the oil on low heat.
  • 3. Add the carrots,ginger and garlic together and stir This , I do ,as I believe, the ginger and garlic flavours are more easily absorbed into the veg and also stays fresh rather than getting overcooked and losing it's properties.
  • 4. Saute' well and add the soy sauce and chilli vinegar
  • 5. Cover for 5 mts and let the carrots sweat a bit.
  • 6. Add the corn and stir well,check seasoning and adjust accordingly
  • 7. Continue to cook on low heat for a further 6-8 mts,add salt or chilli at this point,if necessary
  • 8. Add the spring onions,stir well and take off fire.
  • 9. Spring onions taste best when not cooked for long.
  • 10. Add the mixture to the cooled rice and toss gently together using a fluffing action,so that the rice kernels don't break.
  • 11. Serve hot or at room temperature with some soy and chilli dressing or simply pack in the lunch box with loving thoughts !

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