Salami pasta forkfull

Fusilli with Salami

One a day like today,when there seems to be some respite from the heat,the mood sets in, to linger a while longer in the kitchen. While I deliciously indulge myself in stray thoughts of what to experiment with…I found myself thinking of the un opened roll of salami in the freezer ! Because I was too lazy to open a cookbook but at the same time I did want to ‘cook’,I decided to forage and find out what existed in my larder that sounded good with salami. Having located the box of fusilli ,of which, half remained…I decided that my kids would quite like the idea of a simple pasta for lunch. If you ask me, most often,pasta tastes good with simple pairings and least fuss.

The salty flavours of the salami and the tangy bite of the sun dried tomatoes were perfect for a quick lunch at home. The pink and red hues of the pasta were complimented by a crunchy green broccoli salad.(  )The freshness of the steamed broccoli was like a balm on my guilty thoughts for indulging in some salami….of course I did eat more of the broccoli !!!! What a question ?!! 😉

Salami pasta with salad

I always find that balance is the key to a good meal and a healthy way of life ! Now,if I had cooked more than this quantity of pasta with more meat etc…it would’ve gone beyond satiating and crossed over to greed…this way we are all finger licking happy and at the same time don’t feel stuffed to the gills ! That’s the best way…to have your cake and eat it too,don’t you agree ?!


Salami pasta

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  • 1. In a medium sized pot,add about 5 Cups of water and a spoon of rock salt
  • 2. Close with a lid and let it come to a rolling boil
  • 3. Add the pasta and stir
  • 4. Once it softens slightly...let cook another 2-3 mts,until it is al dente' other words ,not mushy,still has a bite to the texture.
  • 5. Drain and set aside.
  • 6. In a pan,add the oilve oil and onion slices and saute' until golden.
  • 7. Add the oregano,pinch of salt and pepper.
  • 8. Add the salami and the sun-dried tomato strips and mix in well.
  • 9. Turn the heat to low and saute' until flavours are well blended
  • 10. Add in the cooked pasta and toss to coat evenly...for a minute.
  • 11. Alternatively,you may also add it to the pasta and toss through with a fork.
  • 12. Check seasoning and serve while still warm.

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