Vazhaikkaigreen banana porridge

Green banana porridge

As I pick up tips on how to nurture my kitchen garden, I’m begining to appreciate the care that goes into growing any kind of produce . A little effort is all it takes to sustain an organic garden. After all , the benefits of that are immeasurable ! This time when our banana tree yeilded a bounty of home grown green bananas that got too heavy to stay on the tree, I thought it only fitting to pay it due respect in it’s green stage ,rather than letting it just sit around to ripen !


This mindset is what led me on a discovery of recipes that have existed in families for eons,simple recipes that we may tend to forget along the course of opening ourselves to gastronomic adventures.But , it is these simple recipes that will serve in nourishing our mind and body in a way that will help us to look good , age well and stay fit ! You are welcome to use any aromatic or sweetener of your preference. Since I have accquired a taste for the natural coconut blossom sugar , I prefer to add it to most of my dishes !

This is mindset of taking care of oneself  is something that I would like to encourage my kids to follow , to remember. It’s very easy to self-indulge thinking that it’s a way to enjoy life …I agree ! But, the responsibility to ourselves to counter that indulgence with energising foods that taste also like an indulgence is something that is very important in the growing scenario of health concerns , the world over.

Indian women especially take little time out for their dietary needs. This is a gentle reminder , that our homes run better when we keep our spirits uplifted . And our homes are an extension of us ,are they not ?! We may shout from the rooftops about equality but let’s face it…we excel at our housekeeping skills and it’s time we took pride in it just as our mothers and their mothers did in the past !

What’s this got to do with green banana porridge ?… Cook it !… just for yourself . Ladle it into a pretty bowl ,add a whimsical piece of crockery , smile , taste a spoonful of the warm ,sweet ,creamy mixture…Allow the taste to seep in and feel good that you’ve treated yourself to wellness . That’s just what I did !


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  • 1. Wash the outer surface and wipe
  • 2. Peel the skin with a knife and cut into pieces. Add to a bowl of water immediately to prevent discolouration
  • 3. Blend the pieces with water in a blender (mixie)
  • 4. Blend it to a smooth puree'
  • 5. Pour into a small pan and set over low heat. Cook,keep stirring until the mixture bubbles and thickens slightly.
  • 6. Take off fire and add the milk , sugar and cinnamon.
  • 7. Return to the stove and cook on a low flame , stirring continously.
  • 8. Wait until it thickens to a porridge consistency , take off the fire and eat it while still hot.
  • 9. Can sprinkle toasted & chopped almonds to add to the taste and nutrition.

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