Green chutney double fry


Most Indians love a spicy breakfast,while we do relish the oatmeal , bagel ,preserves etc…most of us would rarely say no to a hot savoury/spicy breakfast !Some months ago when the BBC good food India magazine was first launched,they had mentioned this dish on one of their covers,it looked and sounded very interesting and yet simple…just ‘my’ kind of recipe ! I did make it then a few times for breakfast and my family absolutely loved it,it was such a wonderful idea of combining two very common breakfast ingredients,green chutney and fried eggs !!!! I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before… and to my surprise,not too many people that I knew, had thought of it either !


Well…anyway,like it happens sometimes,the recipe just kinda slipped from my mind,until a few days ago when my kids reminded me of ‘that green fried egg’ that I used to make…Lol !…I was rather amazed how I could’ve so easily forgotten such a simple but delicious recipe…but then again,my blog did not exist way back then… ;))…so ,that’s my excuse ;p…Since I was reminded, on a busy week day morning,I really did not bother looking for that exact recipe,I just quickly put together what I thought went into it…They loved it but I will also give you the original recipe ,nevertheless ! The freshness of the green chutney is so perfect with the richness of the egg,it just adds that perfect zing to an otherwise mundane breakfast of fried eggs ,not to mention so much healthier with the addition of herbs and ginger and garlic !



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  • 1. Blend the garlic,chili and herbs together with a little bit of water to make a smooth paste
  • 2. In a flat non stick griddle add a bit of EVOO,on low heat
  • 3. Add the green chutney,add salt and let cook v slightly
  • 4. Break the eggs carefully on the chutney...add a light sprinkling of salt on the top and freshly cracked pepper
  • 5. Cover with a lid and let cook to your family likes the whites just set and the yolks oozy (covering with a lid makes the eggs cook faster,very essential on a week day morning !!!!)
  • 6. Serve with some mop up the oozy yolk along with the yummy chutney !
  • 7. I love the way the edges of the egg are all crinkly with a border of the green chutney,the flavours are just perfect,the herbs make sure that there is no hint of garlic on the breath and get you feeling all energised to kick start your day ! And with these flavours,the possibilities are try and keep those comments coming folks !!!!!!!!!
  • 8. The original recipe had no mint,asked for 8 eggs for 1 Tbsp of chutney(1 Cup of coriander leaves) and contained a half inch piece of ginger,5 green chillies and the serving suggestion was,hot buttered Pav bread ! Yummy Yum !

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