salad with nuts n seeds

Green salad with assorted seeds

Crunchy green salads are very popular in my home. It’s also the kind of salad that one likes to ceremoniously toss together just before bringing it to the table. Makes the chef feel very dramatic ,to do so ! At least the chef in my house..aka..ME !

Fresh crunchy ingredients do really send little bursty sensations of wellness as they go down your throat. No wonder rabbits feel well and hop around all the time ! LOL ! Seriuosly,though,I love getting a bag of fresh lettuce or salad greens that are organically grown because then my kitchen comes alive with salads, sandwiches, wraps and all kinds of things. Green induces creativity,you know !!!

green apples for salad


I love the sweet tart taste and crispness of a green apple. I add it to many salads,often. It brings a unique sweet savoury flavour that you cannot quite get with a red apple. Thankfully ,it’s available ,most of the time.


chinese cabbage for salad

When I don’t find fresh lettuce,I like to use the leaves of the chinese cabbage,they are always crisp and give that squeaky bite to a green salad. They do have a bit of an after taste which needs to be masked by the dressing. Otherwise it’s really yummy !


mixed nuts and seeds

Not only are these seeds healthy ,but I simply love the nuttiness in flavour and the contrast in texture. I cannot enjoy a sald without getting a bit of these in every bite. They offer a completely new dimension in taste to an otherwise simple salad !

Unfortunately ,I do not have a pic of the salad when done,it was tossed ,served and eaten immediately before I could take a picture…and the dressing too !

Toss it a few times to ensure that the dressing does not stay in the bottom of the bowl !

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  • 1. In a glass jar,add the olive oil,vinegar,honey,salt and pepper,close the lid and shake well vigorously
  • 2. In a large bowl add the chinese cabbage
  • 3. Toast the seeds in a dry pan on low heat and set aside
  • 4. In a bowl of lemonjuice ,slice in the green apples,so that they don't discolour.
  • 5. Just before serving ,add the apples to the cabbage.
  • 6. Mix in the olive oil dressing and scatter the seeds on top.

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