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Hibiscus ( Sorrel) Beverage

I always did want a painting of one perfect red hibiscus in my home,to adorn my walls ! I somehow never got around to getting that done,or finding the right person to have it commissioned from.

While the lotus flower dominates the interior of my home,the hibiscus plant with it’s gorgeous blossoms,completely surrounds the exterior. While each colour and variety of the hibiscus is visually stunning, i think I maybe a teeny bit partial to the deep red one.

hibiscus with stamen

So perfect in colour ,shape and size. A flower that is fairly common and yet arouses an exotic feel ,even for the casual observer. I never fail at delighting in these blooms…I’m thankful for them adorning my home every single day !

hibiscus full pink

Now if that doesn’t tug a smile out of your face ,I don’t know what else will  !!! :) I was given this gorgeous plant as a dinner party favour complete with a recipe for a Sorrel Cocktail and a Sorrel Beverage. Another name for the hibiscus that I was not aware of ! I had set it aside for a rainy day.

With the rains putting up their price and the days flying by, my thoughts kept darting every now and then to the delicious recipe. Finally when the garden was filled with a riot of hibiscus flowers, I decided to harden my heart and pluck a few to be doused in boiling hot water…quite an emotional task !

hibiscus petalsI lovingly washed these petals in cold water and admired their beauty one more time before it gave up it’s lustre ,to add some for me ! They rested ,in a quiet calm,while I added the various aromatics,that would further enhance their flavour.

hibiscus in water bathVery quickly after the immersion in hot water,the colour started seeping in ,along with the nutrients that offer relief for a variety of ailments like indegestion ,nerve ailments,blood pressure ,skin disorders and a many more !

hibiscus drink in jug

There it was ! The first pic of the translucent pink liquid,sweetened with honey,displayed in front of the plant from whose flowers ,it was made. At this stage one needs to chill it well. Then add flavourings…a shot of rum is the suggestion. I added orange juice and watched the colour transform from pale pink to a luminous peachy orange !

hibiscus drink plain

After this comes the addition of orange juice. You don’t have to add it, I just did to up the health quotient a bit 😉


hibiscus drink with first orange droplets

And the colour darkens….


hibiscus drink begining with orange mix

So pretty !!! You can tell how much I was enjoying this moment. I could almost taste the drink even before I sipped at it !!!!


hibiscus n orange drink front view

All done and ready for tasting.

Cold and delicious with the warm flavours of cinnamon,honey,ginger and orange. The next time I have ‘very ripe’ sorrel blossoms,I will definitely be making this drink again…maybe give the cocktail recipe a shot ! 😉

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  • 1. Wash the petals in cold water
  • 2. Place in a bowl and add the cinnamon,cloves,ginger and orange peel.
  • 3. Pour over the boiling water and cover and let steep for 12 hours at least.
  • 4. Strain,add honey or sugar,taste and refrigerate.
  • 5. Serve chilled with slices of orange ...you may also,if you wish ,add a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice,before refrigerating.

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